You are currently viewing 20 red-pawed cats were caught disrespecting people’s space.

20 red-pawed cats were caught disrespecting people’s space.

Who else feels the same way we do about our love-hate relationship with cats? We love them even though they scratch our furniture, get in the way of our work, and need our attention at the worst times.

Another interesting thing about cats is that they can do weird things like stare at us while we bathe or hit our faces for fun. It’s all part of their strange charm.

If you think you’ve seen everything when it comes to cats getting into our space, you’re wrong. Another group of cat owners shared some new pictures of their furry friends in some of the funniest and strangest positions, which Hiptoro has now put together.

Feel free to scroll down and get ready to have fun. These pictures will make you smile, even if you don’t like cats. They might even make you respect your own best friend a little more.

#1: A funny picture of my cat messing up my nighttime routine

#2: The Cutest Bathtime Surprise for My Kitten

#3: Every time I shower, my heroic dog thinks I’m going to drown.

#4: My Partner’s Bathing Bodyguard—12 Years and Still Going

#5: My alien crew gets a message from mothership

#6: A funny text from my girlfriend

#7: My pet needs to be cared for all the time

#8: Hey, person, what are you doing in there?

9: The hunted turns into the hunter

#10: Seeing me take a shower in this weird position

#11: My Cat’s Loyalty While I Was Sick

#12: The Best Reaction After Taking a Shower

#13: Funny Cat Behavior Caught on Camera

#14: My cat keeps having to be held in the tub

#15: My cat joins me in brushing my teeth

#16: My cat screams in fear while I swim

#17: Meet my professional shower boss

#18: Bath Boy or Bath Buddy? My cat’s naughty bathtime habits

19. My neighbour’s cat watches me from the bathroom window

#20: Real worry about my bathing safety

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