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15 Funny Stories That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Today is April Fools’ Day, and we have just one question for you: Are you ready to play a joke on someone… or be a joke on?

Laughter really is good medicine, and we could all use a lot of it right now. To get one, read 15 of our best stories about pranksters and the people who love (or tolerate!) them.

1. Grandma gives kids an awesome T. rex surprise at the airport.

This family likes to surprise each other by showing up in huge, inflatable T. rex outfits. When the kids tried to outdo their fun-loving grandma at the airport, you can bet “Jurassic” that she was ready for them.

2. Someone should give this Tesco employee a raise!

Finding a worm in your cucumber would usually ruin your whole day, but when Wes Metcalfe called Tesco’s customer service, their conversation made us all laugh.

3. The boy follows his mother around while making trombone sounds.

Vicki can’t do anything around the house without Peet, her prankster son, playing his trombone and making a perfectly silly sound track for her. Vicki herself can’t help but laugh.

4. Dad uses isolation to get his baby to do funny things.

During the novel coronavirus pandemic, New England Patriots LB Brandon Copeland didn’t mind staying home because he got to spend more time with his 8-month-old son Bryson. By “spending time,” we obviously mean “annoying” him.

5. The bride can’t stop laughing at the groom’s mistake during their wedding vows.

Melissa and Andrew Engstrom got married in 2009, but what they said at the altar will always be remembered on the internet. Andrew must have been thinking about food when he said his vows!

6. Her son at camp writes the best letter ever to his mom.

Liesl was worried about her 8-year-old son at his first sleepaway camp, but his first letter home put all her worries to rest. He was actually having the best time of his life!

7. Mom makes her daughter’s dirty sock into a “sociological experiment.”

Xep Campbell is sick of cleaning up after her daughter Kestrel, who is 10 years old. When Kestrel left a dirty sock in the bathroom, her mother turned it into a piece of art that all parents can enjoy.

8. Reporter has the best response when he sees a group of bison coming toward him.

Deion Broxton, an NBC news reporter in Montana, was reporting from Yellowstone National Park when some “locals” got a little too close for comfort. His honest response made the whole internet laugh.

9. The change that dad made to the entry doesn’t make the teenager happy.

What should you do if your kid won’t stop slamming doors? This dad came up with an answer that everyone, except his son, thought was funny.

10. A hidden video catches a bad dog doing something bad.

This cute cat knows he isn’t supposed to get on the bed, but as soon as his owner leaves, the rules go out the window!

11. A teacher plays a joke on her children by making fart noises, and everyone laughs.

Emma Ginder is a third-grade teacher in the Kansas city of Topeka. After almost a year of learning from home, she has learned that a well-timed burp can really lighten the mood.

12. Friends make each other laugh by giving each other silly dinosaur challenges.

It’s just a bunch of college students taking part in the “pterodactyl challenge.” This basically means that they pretend to be dinosaurs until they start laughing so hard they fall over.

13. The main Mom laughs first thing in the morning every day.

Deb Plafker of Danville, California, may not agree, but we think she was a leader in the age of learning from afar. Since she couldn’t go to her kids’ schools, she read funny messages over their home’s PA system every day.

14. When the woman looks at her new driver’s license picture, she laughs.

Tennessee’s Jade Dodd didn’t think she would look great in her new driver’s license picture, but she didn’t expect to see an empty chair.

15. Without telling her parents, the woman slowly starts to replace family pictures.

Kristen Vogler decided to spice up her novel coronavirus quarantine by slowly replacing family pictures with crayon drawings. You won’t believe how long it took for her parents to figure out that she was someone else.

I’m glad there are so many funny people in the world. They just make everything so much more fun.

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