Yana, the Chimera cat whose parents look like they ran out of ink

Most people think that having two faces is a bad thing. Unless you’re Yana the cat, of course. As you can see, this cute chimera cat has the most beautiful and unique markings. She seemed to have run out of ink while her parents were colouring her in.

The cat was advertised on the Belarussian website Nasha Niva in July 2016. As she looked for a new owner, she found one quickly. Elizabeth is her current friend. Elizabeth is a design and architecture student from Orsha, Belarus, who goes to the National Technical University in Minsk. Not only that, but she has over 80k followers on Instagram and is a web celebrity! We are not too surprised, though. You can’t help but like that face!

Yana, who lives in Minsk, is not like most Instagram-famous animals because she was born with a genetic flaw. The unusual cat, called a chimera, contains cells from many zygotes. This gives it a unique colour and a beautiful “two-faced” look.

We’d say she’s the perfect cat version of Batman’s two-face. So close to having two cats in one!

She looks like a character from a cartoon… Did you know that her name comes from the Greek god Janus, who is thought to have two faces?

A cat out for a stroll! We don’t see that very often, let alone a chimera cat.

In the snow, Yana looks funny.

Shh she’s taking a nap.

Yana, who set you up to do this? Even though her fur is all the same colour, her paws look like little socks.

Yana is a beautiful cat. She’s really not like any other cat.

Her enlarged pupils make her look even cuter!

“How long do I have to hold this pose, man?”

Yana really knows how to use a camera. We think this one is the best.

Yana and Nasha, a person. People say that pets often look like their owners. We see it!


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