When the protesters don’t leave, a farmer sprays them with manure. One of the protesters is an Oscar-winning actress.

Emma Thompson, who won an Oscar, and her sister, Sophie, broke a court order so they could protest fracking on a farmer’s land.

Thompson broke the rules and went onto the farmer’s land. When the farmer saw her, he sprayed her and her sister with stinky manure, which was the scariest thing she had ever experienced.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, Emma Thompson and her sister were filming a parody of the popular show “The Great British Bake Off” for Greenpeace on the farmer’s land when the angry farmer showed up with a truckload of manure to stop the “woke” event from happening.

Thompson chose the farmer’s land for her project because it would be used for fracking.

She and some other people sneaked onto the farmer’s land. They climbed over a gate to find a place to film their spoof of “Frack Free Bake Off”. Thompson wanted her film project to “show the government that we won’t let fracking scar our countryside. And cause even more climate change.”

But the farmer didn’t want the protesters anywhere near his land.

When he saw them on his land, he jumped on his tractor and drove quickly to where they were. He yelled at them to get off his land, then drove his tractor around them.

Then, he came up with the idea that has since gone viral on the internet: he started spraying the protesters led by Thompson with manure that would have gone to fertilize plants on his land.

Many people have seen videos of the event all over the internet. In the video, you can hear the protestors yelling at the farmer to stop spraying them with manure.

But the man doesn’t care about their cries and keeps spraying them with smelly stuff.

But after going around the group a few times, he stops and drives away, leaving Thompson and the others covered in a smelly substance.

People in the area were shocked by what happened.

Kate Styles, who owns a cake shop in the area and participated in the protest, told the Telegraph, “The smell was only temporary, but fracking could have lasting effects on this community if Cuadrilla gets its way.”

In the meantime, Cuadrilla, the company that fracked the farmer’s land, put out a statement from their CEO, Francis Egan.

Egan said, “It’s ridiculous that celebrities from London are trespassing on the land of a Lancashire farmer, keeping him from working, and telling us where the UK should get its natural gas.”

The police in the area also made a statement about the manure.

A police spokesman said, “We found out this morning that there was a protest on land at Plumpton Hall Farm in Little Plumpton.”

“A local neighborhood patrol showed up and talked to a protestor to find out what they were planning. It wasn’t thought necessary or fair to keep a police presence at the site, but the means are there if needed.


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