When a little boy plays outside, he makes friends with a baby deer. A picture of this goes viral, and people love it.

A recent snapshot shared on Facebook by a woman called Stephanie Brown has been a reason for putting a smile on many people’s faces. The picture of her son, Dominic, playing with his best friend, a young deer.

While on vacation with his family at the Massanutten resort in Virginia, Dominic made friends with a young deer while playing outside. Brown was in for a shock when he carried the animal with him to their doorsteps, where they were waiting for him. Almost immediately after that, she took a picture with her phone and then shared it on her Facebook page.

Stephanie Brown

Her caption read, “Dominic truly went outside and got a deer back,” which was quite the compliment.

During the time that she was bringing in the goods, she had no idea what her son was going to get. According to what she said to ABC 8 News, “I turned around, and he was cleaning off his boots in preparation to carry the deer into the home.”

Stephanie Brown

Dominic seemed completely unfazed by the presence of a deer at his side at any point during the conversation. When his mother asked him where he discovered the fawn, he told her that it was by itself and that took it home so that he could feed it some cereal. She did not press him for more information.

Stephanie Brown

After some time had passed, Brown requested that her son return the deer to the surrounding woodland. The young boy accomplished this. Although they did not share a living space, it was clear that the two of them had developed a strong friendship.

To return to the Facebook post, as soon as it was published, it quickly spread over the internet. The photograph was widely disseminated over the internet, and online users quickly fell in love with the couple. One person commented, “Love the joy on his face with the deer in tow,” which sums up the sentiment perfectly.


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  1. Love that Dominic, in his innocence, and the baby deer in her/his innocence, could both become fast friends. I hope he returns to that spot next visit and they reconnect throughout each other’s lifetimes. Stay sweet Dominic. You’re adorable!

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