Watch a lovely deer family enjoy the blossoms in the peaceful Nara Park in Japan.

Recently, some stunning photographs of a herd of deer lounging beneath cherry blossom trees in Nara Park in Japan’s capital city have gone popular on the internet. During the cherry blossom season, Nara Park becomes a popular destination for visitors from all over the world as well as residents of the surrounding area.

However, the park has turned into an exceptionally peaceful site due to the current health issue. It is a far cry from the crowded location it used to be in past years, particularly when the flowers were in bloom. The deer are taking this time off to the fullest extent possible since there are no tourists around.

The well-known park is home to more than one thousand free-ranging deer, all of whom are said to be “very energetic and social” according to feedback received from visitors. In fact, feeding by park visitors has been a tradition for a long time. According to the website for the park, visitors have the opportunity to “go up to the deer and take photographs with them, or feed them with ‘deer-crackers’ offered along the route.”

Because they were considered a “symbol of the city,” several deer in the park would bow to the people who came to see them. This is how the wonderful creatures solicit food. According to one of the reviewers, “Make sure to bow to them, as they will bow back.” “When we got the biscuits, a lot of deer did rush up to us. so please be aware of that.” “When we got the biscuits, several deers did rush up to us.” But all they care about is getting their hands on your cookies!


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