Two people who have been married for 79 years are about to turn 100 – Have a great day!

Next month, a couple from Ohio will reach two huge milestones: they will be 100 years old.

Reports say that Hubert and June Malicote was born in July 1922 and grew up in rural Kentucky. They met for the first time when they both moved to Ohio to find work.

In an interview with an NBC station, WLWT, the couple said they met each other at church. At first, they were just friends. Then, their friendship grew into something more.

Hubert and June got married on June 8, 1943, but Hubert had to leave soon after to fight in World War II. He worked in the Navy for two years in Hawaii, but June was waiting for him at the train station when he got home.

From what I read in TODAY, they moved to Hamilton, Ohio, and started a family there. They have three kids, seven grandkids, and eleven great-grandkids.

Hubert and June will soon be 100 years old, which is a beautiful accomplishment. On July 13, June’s birthday, and on July 23, Hubert will turn 100 years old.

People say that to mark the event. A church service will be held in their backyard.

Hubert said about his relationship with his wife of many years: “We’ve never fought.

We had lot of problems in life, but we would never do anything to hurt each other,” he said.

“If there is a fight, you might need to leave for a few minutes.”

According to TODAY, the couple spends every night together, eating dinner and watching a movie. As part of their nightly routine, they kiss each other goodnight before going to sleep.

Their 70-year-old daughter said, “I put Mom in her wheelchair next to where Dad sits. They are holding hands and say goodnight to each other.”

Love that is real will always be one of the strongest things in the world. Love stories like the one Hubert and June tell each other make my day.

Couple who celebrated 79 years of being married are about to both turn 100 – Happy Birthday


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