The reason why a 101-year-old mother tells her son to stop the car is so sweet.


Love, happiness, and a sense of wonder like a child have no age limit.

Armand saw this as true when driving with his 101-year-old mother.

She told him to pull over in the middle of nowhere.

Armand was a little surprised, but he managed to pull out his camera and record his mom opening the car door and stepping out into the snow.

What happened next warmed not only Armand’s heart but also the hearts of millions of people around the world who watched the show.

It’s never too late to have fun.

That’s something you should keep in mind as you get older.

Most of the time, the only limits on your life are the ones you put on it yourself. Even when you’re old and grey, you can still wow a room full of people.

This 101-year-old woman stopped because she wanted to make snowballs and enjoy the winter weather. It was a sweet and simple reason. It’s great to see this fun-loving woman having so much fun. Thank you for sharing this, Armand!


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