The heroes save a kangaroo from a cold pool, and the kangaroo shakes hands with the heroes as a thank you.

Two brave Australians did a very impressive and very kind thing. They worked together to save a kangaroo that was about to be put to sleep because it was sick. He was in a very dangerous situation when the kangaroo got lost and was left in a lake in the nation’s capital. It was pretty cold at the lake. He was lucky that two brave people could get him out of the water in record time and save his life. One of the people who helped save the animal is even given a handshake as a thank you, according to reports from the media. The event was caught on video, and as soon as the clip was posted online. it got a lot of attention.

Facebook/David Boyd

David Boyd, who was there and saw the rescue, was the first person to share the video on Facebook. Since then, a lot of people have heard about it. In the video, a tired kangaroo is cautiously approached by two strangers after getting stuck in the cold water of Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra, Australia. At this point, it doesn’t look like the kangaroo can move. The unhappy animal was eventually saved and brought to land, where he and the people who helped him were found to be in good health. People know that kangaroos can be dangerous if they get too close to them (even though the intentions are peaceful).

Facebook/David Boyd

Nic Crowther, one of the two people who helped the man, told ABC Australia that they did “just what any warm-blooded person would do.” After everything had been said and done, this was said. People have helped animals or others in need, and we’ve seen this happen many times.

Two brave guys saved the kangaroo and took him to a safe place. Even so, a third man on the boardwalk tried to help. He tried to make the poor kangaroo feel better by putting his hands on its back and patting it. After trying for about 30 minutes, the three men could not calm down the overworked animal. But when he starts to calm down, the marsupial thinks of the cutest way to show his gratitude to one of the brave people who helped him. He says he wants to shake my hand and does so!

Facebook/David Boyd

The amazing rescue got a lot of attention on many social media sites. Many want to thank the men who served without asking for anything in return. In the video, many people wrote comments. One said, “Being swooped by a Magpie is as Aussie as it gets. Excellent work, gentlemen.” Someone else said that the men kept their cool very impressively. What an excellent example of a man!


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