The day’s featured story is “Dad Takes Disabled Daughter to Prom, Later Discovers $10,000 Check for “Dad of the Year” in Mailbox.”

When her dad decides to accompany a crippled girl to the prom, she is in for a surprise. She needed to catch up with a prom date. The gift he receives the following day for his love of his child completely changes their lives.

“Honey, look! Someone at the funeral informed the 17-year-old girl who was sobbing by her mother Daisy’s casket, “Your dad is here! ”

Ten years prior, Molly’s mother and Danny, Molly’s father, split. Since then, Molly had only heard deplorable things about her father, such as the fact that he was a “drunkard” and other things.

Even though Molly didn’t harbor any resentment for Danny, she frequently missed their bond as daughter and father. However, things would alter for Molly following the funeral of her mother.

Hey there, honey! Danny welcomed and hugged his daughter before laying a wreath on the casket of his ex-wife.

Is that truck yours, sir? Half of the parking is obstructed. Can you shift it? Danny, a truck driver, was questioned by a visitor.

That’s my truck, I confirm. Give me a moment. I just met my mother’s daughter. I hope you get it. I’m grateful.

It made Danny very happy to meet Molly. Through the years, his sole connection to her was the child support he provided for her. Daisy forbade him from seeing Molly out of concern that he might have a negative influence.

Once the funeral was complete, everyone departed. After telling Molly they were heading to his house, Danny packed all of her belongings.
“A package? He mused, “Who sent it? “For Dad of the Year,” read a card on it.
“But dad, why? I am unable to leave my home. I stayed here with Mom. It’s chock-full of our memories.

Danny refused to listen, and Molly scowled. He knew he could not abandon his daughter, especially because she frequently resorted to a wheelchair when she was not using crutches. Molly limped because of an underlying ailment affecting her left leg when she was six.

Molly moved in with her dad two days later. Despite being small and messy, the house comforted her and made her feel loved and included.

As time passed, Danny found it more challenging to take care of Molly. He had never seen her grow up, so he had no idea how to do most things, like braid her hair. He watched tutorial videos online to learn how to accomplish it. However, it wasn’t all.

He gave Molly his bedroom so she might have a comfortable place to sleep. For her to get a good night’s sleep, he even purchased a plush new bed. Danny went out of his way to make his daughter feel comfortable, but if there was one thing he kept a secret about, it was his regular nighttime disappearance.

After she dozed off at night, Molly had no idea where her father had been. As her mother frequently told her, she could only assume that he was hanging out in the bar with his pals.

A few days later, Molly got off the school bus and sobbed inside their house. The door was locked, she discovered. A note was concealed by a shrub. “Under the pot,” the keys are. I’ll be back shortly. See ya! – Dad.”

Gritting her teeth, Molly recalled her mother telling her about her father’s “strange” nighttime routines. Thoughts of her father being out drinking at four in the afternoon made her frown.

Danny remained absent from home for several hours. While preparing her own pasta, Molly left some for her father. She sobbed while lying on her bed.

“I wouldn’t be the odd one out if I were regular,” the person said. I would have arranged a prom date.
It came out that they had been alerted about the approaching senior prom by Molly’s teacher. Except for Molly, every one of her classmates had secured prom dates. She was not wanted by anyone. Who would want to dance with someone who had a limp, she reasoned?

When Danny got home, he immediately heard Molly’s loud sobs.

“What happened, sweetheart? How come you’re crying?

He learned about the prom from Molly. “I have no plans. Even when I asked other boys to at least dance with me at prom, they laughed and refused. Daddy, I don’t want to attend the prom! I desire solitude! Goodnight!”
While pretending to sleep, Molly turned her back on Danny while sobbing into her pillow.

Danny couldn’t just abandon his suffering daughter. He purchased Molly a stunning prom outfit the following day. And Molly received a rather heartbreaking surprise on prom day. She was going to prom with her father.

Senior students and their parents gathered outside the hall when a loud engine screeched into action.

Danny sprang off the vehicle. He helped Molly exit the wheelchair after setting it up on the grass. The crowd stared in awe as he pushed the wheelchair on the red carpet.

Danny and his daughter got on the dance floor as the music started. He picked Molly up and carried her in a circle, synchronizing with the musical night’s melodies. For a little while, Molly temporarily forgot that she was disabled and laughed heartily as her father continued to rock her in his arms.

“My actual superhero is my dad. More than anything else in the world, I love him. After the dance, Molly sobbed to her friends, “I feel fortunate and pleased to claim I’m his daughter.
Danny, meanwhile, emerged as the star. He was surrounded by all the parents, who were praising and cheering him on. After that, Danny briefly introduced himself and his daughter, not understanding how drastically their lives would change due to that evening.

Danny and Molly talked about how much fun they had on their way home. After putting Molly to sleep in her bedroom, Danny snuck out of the house without being seen.

It was discovered that Danny had been employed as a caretaker at a nearby nursing home as a second job. He worked overtime in addition to his part-time job as a truck driver during the day to save money for his daughter’s medical expenses. Many people warned Danny and Daisy that Molly would never be able to walk when her impairment was first discovered years ago.

However, one physician had given them his word to treat the girl and enable her to walk again. Danny began working two jobs and stopped going to bars with his pals to celebrate.

He had been misinterpreted by Daisy, who believed he was wasting his time at the bar. She never trusted Danny despite his efforts to explain things to her. They soon separated as a result of her persistent worries and contentious arguments. Because he worked hard for the following few years and was only concerned with saving money for Molly’s operation, Danny never bothered.

Every time Danny thought about his history, it hurt. Even that evening, while he was heading to work, he could not get the awful words his ex-wife had said out of his head. He ended his shift and returned home, not knowing what was in store for him and Molly.

Danny was in for a pleasant surprise when he arrived home from work that morning and discovered a gift in his mailbox.

“A package? Who sent that?” He questioned. “Dad of the Year,” read a card on it.

Danny discovered a check for $10,000 and another letter inside:

We hope that this will make your daughter’s life better, Danny. We hope you spend more time with her in the evenings and wish her well with her operation. Congratulations to your prom friends!

Danny understood that the parents he had met the night before were responsible for this. He cried tears of excitement and told Molly the wonderful news.
“Really?! God, Daddy… This is incredible! On his shoulders, she cried and laughed.

Danny used his savings and the $10,000 check to pay for Molly’s surgery. It worked, and she eventually gained the ability to walk without crutches.

Danny left his second job to spend more time with his daughter. She was scheduled to depart in three months after receiving a scholarship to study architecture in another state.

To get the most out of his time with Molly, Danny wanted to maximize it. He also taught her to dance, ride a bike, and run. He merely desired that his daughter lead a normal life and never reflect on her time spent in a wheelchair and using crutches.


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