Swedish artists and photographers like to take ice-cold baths in the winter.

Most young people want to live in a big city and enjoy the nightlife that comes with it. But one Swedish woman, Jonna Jinton, chose to go in a different direction with her life.

When she turned 21, this beautiful woman chose to move 600 miles north from the Swedish city of Gothenburg to a tiny village with only ten people.

Jonna moved to Grundtjarn, where her grandparents used to live in the country’s deep woods.

Her dream was to live in a quiet place where she could live a simple life. This is why she made such a big change.

Today, she showed her fans a lot of videos of what life was like in the tiny place. People are amazed by her writing and art about nature.

As a photographer, Jonna takes beautiful pictures of her surroundings and catches the beauty and magic of Mother Nature, both during the day and at night.

“The most important thing I have is nature. “I get all my ideas from the connection,” Jonna told the Swedish news site Expressen.

The 29-year-old woman, who has lived in this town for the past eight years, shows what life is like in the northern part of her country.

Currently, she has 1.6 million YouTube followers who like her sometimes funny and sometimes inspiring videos

In one of her videos, she talks about how cold the fall and winter are and how often she gets sick because of it. On the other hand, she thinks being in the cold makes you stronger, so she pushes herself by taking baths in a nearby lake.

As soon as she steps into the cold, calm water, she seems to struggle to breathe

“When I walk into ice cold water, I feel a thousand times more alive, and I can feel my blood pumping through my body, doing everything it can to keep me alive. “Right now, I am here in every way,” she says in the clip.

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