Sunny Hostin’s contract was terminated by ABC Legal because “she’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.”


With regards to “The View,” ABC undoubtedly has a lot of legal issues. According to the most recent information from network insiders, Sunny Hostin’s contract had to be terminated by the legal department.

She “says whatever she wants, whenever she wants and has generated as much trouble this season alone as Whoopi has in a decade,” according to ABC Senior Counsel Joe Barron.

According to Hostin’s representative, Skip Tetheludah, his client is merely acting out the role for which she was paid. I’m acting like an incensed lefty because Whoopi said to, so I am. What the fish is going on?

Barron believes that outbursts like that are the issue. More than a dozen times, we had to bleep over her expletives. She won’t stop staring at Meghan McCain, so we had to reshoot entire chunks. Then there was the side breast and the wardrobe mishap.

These factors led to the conclusion that the contract should be terminated. She can stay here for a few weeks until she finds something else, but then she is alone, and we are free.

Alyssa Milano has been mentioned as a potential replacement for Sunny, albeit there is no official word on this. What a way to make the show unwatchable. Godspeed to the USA.


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