Small town cancels New Year’s Eve fireworks so walrus in harbour can sleep in peace.

A small town in England cancelled their New Year’s Eve fireworks so Thor, the Arctic Walrus, could sleep in the harbour.

The BBC said that since the walrus was seen on New Year’s Eve, it has brought many people to Scarborough.

Wildlife experts have asked people not to bother the animal, which has been slowly moving up the east coast and coming ashore at different beaches. Thor was seen earlier this month on the coast of Hampshire. Because of Thor, Scarborough had to cancel its New Year’s Eve fireworks show.

The British Divers Marine Life Rescue told the council that the show could “stress” the animal, so the council decided to cancel it. Chris Cook from British Divers Marine Life Rescue said that the animal needs to rest and heal before continuing its journey.

“I was walking down to my boat when I saw it on the dock. Magnificent. Stuart Ford, who runs the Sealife Safari boat tour in Scarborough, said, “It has to weigh at least 500 pounds.” “I think it’s something that Scarborough has never seen before and will never see again.”


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