Sharon Osbourne’s new “silver fox” look has gotten her in trouble.

A famous person on TV, Sharon Osbourne, shocked everyone when, after 18 years, she cut off her bright red hair and got a white one.

She said she was tired of going to the salon every week to touch up her red hair and that this colour was better for her.

But the 67-year-style old’s has been criticized by some fans, who want her to return to her signature red.

The author and businesswoman had been dying her hair red for 18 years and said she was ready for a change.

She was so sick of getting her hair coloured that she told herself she couldn’t do it anymore. Sharon said on “The Talk” that she asked herself why she was trying to do or be something she wasn’t.

The former AGT judge’s new look took 8 hours of work from celebrity colourist Jack Martin.

He didn’t promise Sharon anything, but he did say he’d do his best. He told her it took him 8 hours from start to finish to make her hair platinum blonde so she wouldn’t have to dye it every week.

Jack shared excitedly on social media about the TV star’s new look that he had a great time spending his day off with this beautiful, humble, and loving person.

On the other hand, some of Sharon’s fans didn’t like the new colour of her hair. On its Instagram page, “The Talk” put up a picture of Sharon, which got over 18,500 likes and a few negative comments.

“Sharon’s hair is ugly!” “Sorry, but it makes her look old,” said one person.

Another person said, “I love the conversation, and I love Sharon, but I have to be honest and say I like you better with red hair.” Your fiery red hair went well with how you acted like a rebel.”

Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne, married to Sharon, told her that her new hair colour was “beautiful.”

“The devil wears Prada,” Ozzy is said to have said.

Let’s hope she keeps this lovely style, which she has gotten used to and is more comfortable with.


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