Seasons of Change: A Brief Summary

When something changes in your life, you go on a transition journey, shown here with the seasons. Follow the spiral to discover the steps you can take to grow through the ups and downs that are a part of life.

Imagine that this is a spiral that goes up and up and up forever. Think of these Seasons as a way to explain the stages of any transition. It’s possible that these Seasons don’t match the seasons you see outside your window.

In any transition, you move from Summer, when everything is going well, through Fall, Winter, and Spring to a new Summer.

Most of us have grown up thinking that we must always be in Summer if we want to be successful. But then, any change that takes us off our path to success is a threat that we should do everything we can to avoid. There’s a different way.

The seasons change in a spiral.

If we see change as something that happens naturally, like the seasons changing, we can see it as a gift and an opportunity to improve our lives.

We must go through each Season to grow through life’s inevitable ups and downs.

Fall: Feeling a Change in Your Life and Getting Ready for What’s Next

Early Winter: Getting away, thinking, and getting back in touch with your deep nature

Winter Solstice: Finding Light in the Darkness

Late Winter: Exploring and experimenting with solidifying your future plans

Spring: Flowers blooming and putting your plan to work

Summer: Having a party for your harvest

Changes in the Seasons by the Season

Do you know where you are on the Spiral of Seasons of Change? Read the summaries below to get an idea of each Season. The first sentence of each summary tells you how you might feel during that Season.

Explore more deeply the seasons that make sense for where you are on your journey.

Fall is a time to feel a change.

If you hear about changes or worry while you wait for news, you are probably in the Fall.

During the Fall, you should pay attention to:
  • Recognizing that you are going through changes
  • Getting the help, you need to get through is important
  • Making a safe place where you can wait out the coming storms
Do what you can to avoid these detours, though:
  • Trying to hide from the changes in your life
  • Choosing the first thing that comes up
  • Trying to do everything on your own and being a lone ranger.

Early Winter is a time to stay inside and think.

Early Winter is where you are if you are tired, confused about some or all of your life, or trying to avoid social events.

During Early Winter, you should pay attention to the following:
  • Getting a fresh start
  • Taking time for yourself to be quiet
  • Think about your situation and what you want and want to be.
Do what you can to avoid these detours, though:
  • Being so busy that you can’t think about yourself
  • Start something new, so you don’t have to feel the chaos inside.
  • Trying to make yourself happy when you’re not.

Winter Solstice: Finding Light in the Darkness

You may go through your Winter Solstice if you feel like you’re in the dark or about to get a big idea.

At the time of the Winter Solstice, you should pay attention to the following:
  • Putting things on their heads to see your life in a different way
  • Saying “enough is enough” and drawing a line in the sand.
  • Telling a different story about your past can help you find new ways to move forward.
Do what you can to avoid these detours, though:
  • Avoiding your quiet time
  • Being in a dangerous place
  • Having only one solution in mind

Late Winter is a time to look around and try new things to solidify your plans for the future.

If you are getting new ideas and seeing signs of Spring, you are likely in late Winter.

During Late Winter, you should pay attention to:
  • Follow your ideas where they lead you.
  • Cleaning up your space, to-do list, relationships, and mind can help you start fresh.
  • Trying things out and looking around can help you make a clearer plan for the future.
Do what you can to avoid these detours, though:
  • Ignoring what you know
  • Sticking to what you’ve always done because it’s easier than trying something new
  • rushing forward without knowing where you’re going

Spring: A Time When Things Grow Again

You are probably in Spring if you have a lot of energy and are having trouble getting back into your life.

During Spring, you should pay attention to the following:
  • Having faith in your timing
  • Bringing new things into your life
  • Full growth into the new you
Do what you can to avoid these detours, though:
  • Not making any progress
  • Ignoring what you know deep down

Summer is a time to celebrate what you’ve grown.

You are probably in Summer if you feel clear and sure of yourself and if your life is full.

During the summer, you should pay attention to the following:
  • Letting the new things in your life grow at their own pace
  • Taking pride in your success
  • Having fun and playing
Do what you can to avoid these detours, though:
  • Changing your idea of success so that you never reach it
  • Giving up on the good things in your life
  • Worrying too much about what will happen in the future

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