Princess Diana’s niece is now 15 years old and looks just like her.


Princess Diana died in a terrible car accident in Paris in August 1997, 20 years ago. Princess Diana was only 36 years old when she died, but she will always be remembered as a brave fighter for the weakest people in the world. Diana was a modern-day saint who helped many groups, especially those that worked on women’s rights and AIDS research.

Lady Kitty Spencer has come when the world needs hope and kindness more than ever. Lady Kitty, Diana’s 28-year-old niece, looks like her aunt. She has the same eyes, hair, and public confidence as her aunt.

After her dad, Charles Spencer became the 9th Earl Spencer, Kitty was given the title Lady. Charles is also the godson of Queen Elizabeth. He is Diana’s brother. In addition to her royal ancestry and good looks, Kitty is like her late aunt in that she does good things for others.

Kitty gives money to two British groups: Give Us Time and Centrepoint. Centrepoint helps homeless young people in the UK, and Give Us Time gives free vacations to military families so they can get together.


Lady Kitty may care about helping others as much as Princess Diana, but she is not like the People’s Princess. During her time as a royal family member, Diana was known to avoid the media. She was known to be very modest and private about her personal life.

Kitty has no trouble telling the rest of the world about her life. Kitty and her many wealthy friends are well-known on social media, giving people a look into the lives of the country’s richest people.

Recently, Kitty became more well-known by working as a model. Kitty has been on the covers of several fashion magazines and has even walked the runway for Dolce & Gabbana, one of the world’s most famous fashion houses.

Even though she is beautiful and has excellent style, Kitty is more than just a pretty face. She has a master’s degree in luxury brand management from Regents University. Even though she has a bright future in the fashion world, Kitty thinks fondly of her childhood.


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In a recent interview, the young queen talked about her childhood. She told reporters that she moved to Cape Town, South Africa, when she was five.

Kitty says she doesn’t remember much about her famous aunt Diana because she was so young when she died. Even though Kitty only has a few memories of Diana, she tells reporters that each one is very nice and important to her.

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