Photographer Captures Rare Close Encounter With A Minnesota Black Wolf (13 Majestic Pictures)

Consider what it might be like to stare into the ferocious eyes of a great and beautiful animal. A moment like that does not happen every day, and only those who are fortunate enough to see it will be able to remember it. Conrad Tan’s near encounter with a Minnesota black wolf is an example of excellent fortune and perfect timing.

Conrad’s most ardent pastime was photography, which he began late. “What began as a desire to gaze at a wallpaper I designed myself has turned into a type of fixation,” he wrote.

“I’m obsessed with making the perfect shot, whatever that may be. Every image I make is a challenge for me since I feel I can always enhance it. That’s probably what keeps me going back. There are so many different disciplines in this activity that I have yet to attempt. I also enjoy assisting other photographers whenever possible. I believe it is necessary to give back to the activity that has brought me so much joy.”

On a trip to Minnesota, he had a rare meeting with a black wolf, and the outcome was as wonderful as you might expect.


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