On the occasion of their 42nd wedding anniversary, Donny Osmond writes a song for his wife, Debbie.

A whole generation of girls didn’t have a male pop idol like Donny Osmond. Classics like “Go Away Little Girl” and “Puppy Love” by Osmond, a teen sensation of the 1970s, made women swoon.

While he has been married to several women since 1978, his heart will always belong to Debbie, his wife.


They’ve been together for decades, which is remarkable considering the transience of Hollywood relationships and the frequency with which some celebrities wed.

Their 42nd wedding anniversary was on May 8th, and they celebrated in style.

Even though Donny and Debbie’s 42nd wedding anniversary was hampered by coronavirus social distance, he still managed to show Debbie his undying love.

In a touching Instagram post, he revealed a collection of photos spanning their whole relationship. Donny stated that the best part of his stay-at-home order was spending more time with his significant other.

Donny and Debbie are grandparents to 10, thanks to their five children. To celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday, Donny wrote another post in which he thanked his wife, his mother, and the mothers of his children and grandchildren.

On the occasion of Debbie’s birthday in February, Donny stated that, throughout the years, he has noticed that his wife has an odd relationship with time.

Many of them appear to have lost their radiance, good looks, intelligence, and the passage of time. However, Debbie continues to grow more stunning, smart, and beautiful with time.

Donny may no longer be a teen idol but still performs regularly. He competed in Dancing with the Stars and the first season of The Masked Singer, on which he placed second.

The eleven-year Las Vegas residency he shared with his sister Marie was a smashing success.

This couple has been together for decades, and their relationship is clearly more than just puppy love. This is a fantastic story!


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