On her 101st birthday, Chuck Norris honours his mom, who raised her three sons independently after her husband left.

Chuck Norris might be one of the most well-known people of his time. The 82-year-old made a living by doing martial arts and acting, and millions of people all over the world still respect him today.

But Norris’s mother may always be the most important person in his life.

Chuck Norris is a well-known name because of how good he is at martial arts, how many belts he has, and how many movies he has been in. But he is most proud of being a loving son and a caring husband.

The actor’s mother, Wilma Norris, has been a big part of his life, and he has talked about it many times. He had talked about how strong of a person she was to be able to raise three sons on her own at a time when the world wasn’t very nice to single mothers.

Last year on Mother’s Day, the actor paid tribute to his mother and his wife, Gena. He said that they had both been good influences on his life.

On the same day, it was also his mother’s birthday. She turned 100, which made her son say, “I love you, Mom! Happy centennial!”

Chuck has talked about how his mother is still involved in her community and prays. He said she prayed for his career to go well, but she also prayed for him to meet a woman who would change his life.

Wilma had to fight through hard times to get where she is now. She was born in a very poor family home. Even though it was hard, she was able to raise her three sons independently because her husband, their father, left the family when they were young.

But she was able to raise three gentlemen on her own. Giving them faith knowledge and helping them become self-reliant so they see that nothing is impossible.

And her faith in her children and how she taught them to have faith had a real effect on Chuck Norris, who went on to have a very successful career as a martial artist in Hollywood.

He has always cared about his family. In 1998, he married Gena, and in 2001, they started a family.

After 10 years of marriage, his wife started to show signs of arthritis. She was supposed to get an MRI and other tests and treatments, but it didn’t work out that way. This made her sick, and she needed 24-hour nursing care to get back to being healthy.

Chuck went right at the problem. “Right now, my whole life is about making sure she stays alive,” he said.

The family man put his job on hold to take care of his sick wife and was with her the whole time she was sick.

Chuck Norris quit his job to care for his sick wife, whom he will always call his “best friend.”
Chuck Norris says his mother prayed for him when he “nearly lost his soul to Hollywood.”

Wilma is the head of the Norris family. In May of this year, she turned 101. Her son Chuck was the first to make a post about it for his mother to honour her life so far. “Happy Birthday, Mom!” said the post’s caption. 101 is a young age! WOW! I can’t say enough about how much I love and appreciate you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us over the years.

Chuck has always told everyone how much he loves and cares for his mother. He wants everyone to know how important she is to him. In an interview, he said, “When I was born, I almost died because of complications. A few decades ago, when I was almost lost to Hollywood, she was back home praying for my success and salvation.

Wilma Norris’s life was not easy. She was so poor that she became a state child when she was only eight.

She spent two years in a hospital getting treatment for a rare disease. She met Ray when she was older, married, and had three kids. Ray was a veteran of World War II. When he came home, he was missing a leg and had a drinking problem.

Because he drank too much, it was hard for him to keep a job. He couldn’t make enough money to take care of his family. Wilma and her three boys moved to Wilson, Oklahoma, because of this.

Even though this was during the Great Depression, Chuck has told fans many times how her mother’s faith never wavered and how she made sure to always believe things would get better.

The actor said this about his mother: “Mom has been an example of patience and faith her whole life. She has also lost two husbands, a stepson, two grandchildren, and my younger brother Wieland, who was fighting in the Vietnam War. She’s had cancer more than once and about 30 surgeries for different problems, but she’s still here to discuss it.

Wilma visited the Mike Huckabee show in 2012 to talk about her life and family. She said that having regular prayer time with her sons and ensuring everyone attended church regularly made her a good parent.

“Give them lots of love,” she told young parents. Take them to Sunday school and church. But you have to realize that God didn’t give us our kids. He only let us use them for a short time.”

Wilma Norris is, in fact, an example to follow. The head of the Norris family is still going strong at 101 years old.

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