Netizens Highlight 20 Important Historical Events That Took Place About 100 Years Ago

In 1826, Joseph Nicephore Niepce took the first photograph that is still around today. He looked out the window of his studio in Le Gras, France, and took a picture of what he saw. After just a few years, photography was firmly part of people’s lives, and history fans got a new source of information that was really helpful.

Since then, almost two hundred years have passed. Almost every famous person from that time has been captured on film, and we know how almost all important historical events happened. And, of course, many aren’t so great. After all, everyone wants to leave a mark on history, even if it’s just a ten-by-fifteen-inch piece of faded cardboard.

#1 [july 18, 1920] James Gregory Is Inducted As Morristown, New Jersey’s First Black Policeman

Photos from the past are especially interesting because they show how people lived a hundred years ago. By the way, a Reddit group called “100 Years Ago” has over 686K members and is very popular. It was first thought of in August 2013 as a way for history fans to document World War I day by day through photographs.

#2 [february 9, 1920] My Grandfather Wanted To Be A Cartoonist. He Worked For The Railroad Instead, Sending Home Many Letters
#3 [May 16, 1920] Szmul Rzeszewski, An 8-Year-Old Boy, Makes World Headlines When He Defeats 20 Challengers In Paris, Including Some Of The Best Chess Players On Earth, Simultaneously
#4 [january 17, 1922] Betty White Was Born.
#5 [february 6, 1922] Chief John Smith Died. He Was An Ojibwe (Chippewa) Indian Who Lived His Entire Life In The Cass Lake, Minnesota Area, And Was Reputed To Have Been 137 Years Old When He Died Of Pneumonia

But as time passed, it got to be November 12, 2018, and people in the community liked posting photos from exactly 100 years ago so much that they kept doing it. Because of this, we can now look at photos taken in October 1922, for example.

#6 [august 16, 1920] After Finding The Bricklaying Business Too Full Of UPS And Downs, This Amazing Young Girl Decided To Take A Shot At Iron Girdering For A Change
#7 [july 27, 1920] Sailing Into Yokohama Harbor, Japan
#8 [august 15, 1919] Downtown Baghdad, Iraq, Totally Untouched By War
#9 [december 28, 1920] Amelia Earhart Flies For The First Time, Sparking Her Lifelong Interest In Aviation. She Disappeared At Sea Just 16 Years Later
#10 [june 13th, 1920] The United States Post Office Department Rules That Children May Not Be Sent Via Parcel Post

If everything goes well in our world, maybe our descendants will be interested in some pictures from this community from 2022. For now, Bored Panda has put together this list of the most popular and exciting historical photos from this community. So buckle up because our time machine is about to return in time!

#11 [july 20, 1919] United Kingdom Flag Created Out Of A Giant Human Formation 1919
#12 [july 16th, 1921] Proper Date For The “How You Think You Look” Cartoon As Published In Judge Magazine
#13 [january 15th, 1920] On January 15, 1920, Traumatized Customers Make A Run On A Liquor Store The Day Before Prohibition In America Begins
#14 [february 13th, 1922] Woman Seated At A Soda Fountain Table Pouring Alcohol Into A Cup From A Cane
#15 [october 5 1919] Enzo Ferrari, An Italian Car Mechanic And Engineer, Enters His First Race. He Finished Fourth
#16 [june 10th, 1922] Frances Ethel Gumm Is Born In Grand Rapids, Minnesota
#17 [may 11, 1917] Kurdish Girls Carrying Water, May 11, 1917
#18 [april 3rd, 1920] In One Of The Great Celebrity Marriages Of The Year, Novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald And Flapper Zelda Sayre Were Married In New York City, Eight Days After The Publication Of His Bestselling Novel, “This Side Of Paradise”
#19 [july 15, 1919] An Unidentified Couple Posed For A Photo Just After Getting Engaged On July 15, 1919
#20 [november 25, 1919] Italian Opera Singer Luisa Tetrazzini, At Her Arrival In New York Aboard The Liner Mauretania On Nov. 25, 1919

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