Miner wrote about the foxes in the Arctic Circle.

Ivan Kislov is Russian, and he works in Chukotka as a miner. He is a person who does interesting things during his breaks at work. During his breaks, he takes cute pictures of foxes and puts them on the Internet. Ivan uses photography as a way to get away from his everyday life. He also likes to hike, go rafting, and go on walking tours where he can see wildlife.

Ivan thinks foxes are good models because they are curious and like to hang out with people. He takes these beautiful pictures with wide-angle and telephoto lenses. Hope you enjoy his newest work.

#1:All curled up to keep me warm when it’s cold outside.

#2: Feeling the soft breeze on my skin and loving it.

#3: A few minutes before I get frozen by the ice.

#4: When your mom tells you that you can’t go out with your friends, you give her this look.

5. Soaking up the sun to get a tan.

#6: When your girlfriend is mad at you, you kiss her on the cheek to make it up to her.

#7: This fox looks half asleep because its eyes are only half open.

8. The look your mother gives you when she thinks you’re about to do something stupid.

#9: A picture that looks good enough to be on a calendar.

#10: Eyes with the soul that will melt your heart.

#11: You must spend time with the people you care about.

12. Isn’t it amazing how these different shades of colour work so well together?

#13: When you’re too shy, try hiding behind your friend’s tail.

14. The cold weather definitely makes you want to sleep.

15. There is no way to measure how much a mother loves her children.

#16: When you want to take a photo, but the wind has other ideas.

#17. I’m trying to irritate my boyfriend, and it seems to be working.

18. Making sure I don’t get blown away by the wind.

19. This is most likely the best shot ever.

20. I don’t want to, and it’s too cold.

Wow, that’s a nice place to visit.


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