Meet Wally, the cute bunny with the big ears that look like wings (12 Pics)

Wally is an English Angora rabbit who lives in Massachusetts, USA, with his owner Molly Prottas.

Prottas became well-known on the internet for her comments about her cute videos, which mostly show Wally and his crazy ears.

“He has a great personality and is a unique rabbit,” Prottas told ABC News today. “There are many cute bunnies on Instagram, but none of them is as cute as him.”

These cute-looking bunnies are the oldest types of domesticated bunnies and are bred to have long, soft hair.

Angora’s wool is softer than cashmere, has a lot of personalities, and looks like small puppies or teddy bears.

These famous bunnies came from Turkey but quickly spread all over Europe. We can see why everyone had to have one.

“When I brought him home, he would turn his back to me and turn his head away.

“He told me clearly that he didn’t trust me yet, which is Wally.”

“At first, he’s very careful and scared of new things, but once he gets used to them, he’s all in.”

“He’ll come up to me and smile at me sometimes in a way that looks like he’s saying, ‘Hey, it’s me, Wally.’ I can also lie down with him in bed and go to sleep.”

Now, scroll down to meet Wally, the cutest bunny you’ll ever see.

Wally has passed over the rainbow bridge since this article was written, which is sad. Gone but never forgotten!


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