Meet the magic Pudu, the world’s smallest and cutest deer (11 Pics)

These guys are the smallest species of deer in the world. They are about the size of a pet dog.

The Pudu comes in two different kinds, both of which live in South America.

The southern Pudu is from Argentina and Chile, and the northern Pudu is from Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Colombia.

Their height is only 12 to 16 inches.


Like most other grazing animals, pudus are vegetarian and eat leaves, grass, seeds, and fruit that have fallen to the ground.

They can either stand on their back legs or, unlike their bigger relatives, climb trees when they need to reach plants.

Pudus are careful animals that are always on the lookout for danger. When chased, they run in a zigzag pattern, making it harder for bigger animals to catch them.


They can also climb and jump well when they need to.


These animals live alone in the dense forests of South America. They make a complicated network of paths through the undergrowth to get around.

Pudus are only seen together when mating, which usually happens in the fall before they have one or two fawns in the spring.

Male pudus have antlers like their bigger deer relatives.

Their average life span is between 8 and 10 years, but this is at risk because of the loss of their habitat and the diseases and parasites they get from domestic dogs.


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