Keanu Reeves gave up his career to care for his sick sister. For 10 years, he cleaned her house and helped with her treatment.


In the “John Wick” movies, Keanu Reeves showed fans that no one messes with his family and stays alive. In fact, the actor loves his family very much. Keanu once gave up his fame to help his sick sister. He cared for her for a decade and gave her millions to fight leukaemia.

Over the years, Keanu Reeves’s career has changed. But one thing has stayed the same: this Hollywood star is careful not to play the bad guy.

Surprisingly, that hasn’t stopped his growing number of fans. Even though he is a well-known actor, the “John Wick” star still has a lot of fans, and he likes to keep some of his business quiet.

The movie legend loves to help people, just like many of the characters he plays on screen. The actor has three siblings and cares deeply about them. He has shown this by making sacrifices for them.

But before he became the helpful big brother he is now, the actor from “The Matrix” had a hard childhood. Keanu was born in Lebanon. He is the brother of Kim, Karina, and Emma.

His British mother, Patricia Taylor, was a costume designer, and his Hawaiian father, Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr., was a geologist. Their relationship didn’t last, which is sad.

Patricia and her husband, Keanu had their first child, Kim, and then their second child, Keanu, a few years later. Samuel’s drug use had caused her to break up with him. Soon, the costume designer moved to New York, where she remarried, and then to Toronto.

Keanu has two half-sisters, Karina Miller and Emma Reeves. Karina is from his mother’s other relationship, and Emma is from his dad’s other marriage. Even though the actor has tried to keep his relationship with his siblings strong. His relationship with his father has been painful.

The “Point Break” actor doesn’t talk about it much, but in an interview with The Sun, he was honest about how he felt about their relationship. What he said:

“What happened between my dad and me is pretty sad. It’s full of pain, suffering, loss, and all that [expletives].”

Keanu hasn’t seen his father since he was 13 years old, which is too bad. Sources say that Samuel tried to get in touch with his son when Keanu was at the top of his game in the mid-1990s, but Keanu turned down the offer.

Even though his father wasn’t around when he was a teenager, the “Youngblood” star became the family’s guardian and everyone’s favourite big brother.

Keanu Reeves gave up his career to help his sister get better.
In the movie “John Wick,” John Wick dealt with hurt and pain by punishing the trespassers. In real life, though, Keanu, who played the once-retired hitman, found ways to deal with difficult situations.

It took the younger Reeves ten years to get back on his feet. Still, Keanu stayed by her side over the years while he put his career on the back burner.

The actor’s father left him when he was young, and he later saw other sad things happen, like the death of his only child, his lover, and his sister’s fight with leukemia. One of these problems, his sister’s health problems, did not kill anyone, which was lucky.

Keanu gave up fame, money, and, most importantly, time with his siblings to be with them. Kim was told he had leukemia in 1991, when he was at the top of his game as an actor. He was supposed to be in the sequels to the hit science fiction movie “The Matrix,” but he put those plans on hold to focus on Kim’s health.

The rising star at the time sold his house so he could move closer to his sister and give her the care she needed, like cleaning her house, making her meals, and giving her the right medicines.

It took the younger Reeves ten years to get back on his feet. Still, Keanu stayed by her side over the years while he put his career on the back burner. His reason was easy to understand:

“You know, she was always there for me. I’ll be there for her always.”

Kim was sick, and her brother helped her by paying for leukemia research. The star of “The Matrix” gave seventy percent of his salary from the first “Matrix” movie, which was $45 million, to the cause. Even though he gave a huge amount of money, the “Speed” star isn’t talking about it. He used to say:

“I’d rather not put my name on it.”

Even though her brother doesn’t like to talk about what he’s done, Kim is very thankful for her big brother, who held her hand for days while in the hospital and turned down some roles to be there. In her words:

“My brother is my king. He pays attention to every word you say and every comma after every word.

After Kim got better, Keanu Reeves showed his support.
The actor decided to do more to fight the disease after he beat cancer. He kept giving money to good causes, and at the beginning of the 2000s, he set up a private fund for cancer research. He also started a charity but didn’t put his name on it.

Keanu has helped many people with cancer through charity. In 2009, the famous actor talked about his private foundation, which has helped pay for research into a disease that can kill. From what he said:

“I have a private foundation that has been going for five or six years. It helps a couple of children’s hospitals and cancer research… I let the foundation do what it does.”

People say that Keanu doesn’t just like to help sick people. In 2001, the Wall Street Journal said that the actor gave many back-end points from his second and third “Matrix” movies to the costume designers and visual effects team on set because he thought they deserved them. After all, they made the movie.

Two years ago, the “Youngblood” star also sold a 15-minute virtual Zoom date to raise money for a charity for kids with cancer called Camp Rainbow Gold.

Without a doubt, Keanu has a good heart and has shown himself to be a real-life superhero by saving people and giving away most of his money.

His kindness also started at home with his dear sister. The actor’s inspiring way of life shows that being kind is rewarding.


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