It’s been called “the scariest bridge in the world,” and the photos are terrifying.

Most people know it as the scariest bridge in the world, even though the people who live there call it the Ruyi Bridge. This double-decker bridge in China is made of glass, which makes it scary for most people who try to walk across it.

Now, the bridge has become a social media phenomenon because people post videos and pictures of it and talk about how they felt when they tried to get the courage to cross it. The bridge is about 460 feet above a huge ravine.

After seeing drone footage of the bridge, a Twitter user said, “If this is real, there would be a location (long/lat), so I think it’s fake.”

A YouTube channel called Oriental Image says, “The ‘Ruyi Bridge’ in the Shenxianju Scenic Area in Xianju county is shaped like a jade Ruyi in the sky, attracting many tourists to take pictures, Taizhou City, East China’s Zhejiang Province, 17 October 2020.” The bridge was filmed from above and put on YouTube at the start of November 2020.

The bridge is only 100 meters (328 feet) long. But it was built so that people who are brave enough to try to cross it will find it very scary. Since the bridge is made of clear glass, people who walk across it can safely look down the ravine while standing on it.

The bridge was made by He Yunchang, which was confirmed by Arquitectura Viva. As an expert in steel, he was one of the people who helped build the Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing for the 2008 Olympics.

The Ruyi Bridge is one of the highest and windiest bridges in the world. The bridge opened to the public in September 2020, and more than 200,000 people have already been there.

A story in the Daily Mail about the Ruyi bridge got hundreds of comments from people all over the world.

“A solid no.”

“I’d have nightmares just from looking at the pictures.”

“Oh my God, I’d never cross that. “It’s my worst fear.”

“China is doing great things, but here in the U.S., we’re getting rid of everything.”

“I might think about it in virtual reality, but most likely not even then.”

“Try walking over the Grand Canyon on Rainbow Bridge, which is built into the rock and has a drop of hundreds of feet. That’s another act of faith.”

“It’s smart, no doubt, but why ruin such a beautiful place with something that stands out so much?”

Some people worried that the bridge was made in China, which worried them.

“I don’t believe anything that comes from China.”

“From what I know about cheap things from China, I think the bridge was straight when it was made but bent out of shape after a week or two.”

“I wouldn’t use this bridge because I’ve seen a lot of videos on LiveLeak of people getting crushed by falling Chinese escalators and other examples of bad Chinese engineering.”

“While China is building and coming up with new ideas, the British are taking down the Statue.”


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