Instead of spending money on his daughter’s wedding, a millionaire builds apartments for the poor.


Indian culture says that weddings should cost a lot of money.
So, when this billionaire’s daughter was planning her wedding, everyone thought her father would be more than happy to spend a lot of money on this big event.

This, however, did not happen.

Mr Ajay Munot is a billionaire, and his daughter Sheyra Munot is about to get married. So he put aside $11 million to spend on her wedding.

That may seem like a lot of money, but it’s not a big deal for someone with billions of dollars.

But instead of spending all of his money on his daughter’s wedding, he did something more interesting and heartwarming.

The money did not pay for the wedding of his daughter. He decided to give the money to charity instead. With a lot of money, this person wanted to help India’s homeless people.

By the time his daughter’s wedding was coming up, the billionaire had already built 90 houses. In addition, he was in the process of making 18 more. No one knows why he suddenly changed his mind about how to spend his money, but when people heard about it, they only had good things to say.

It’s not that big of a house. It’s about 12 feet by 20 feet and has two windows.

Even though it’s small, it has the basic utilities that every family needs, like electricity and clean, running water. Some people think these houses are too small for a family, but for homeless people, this is all they need.

A home that they might not have been able to buy without this billionaire’s help.

There are lines of these houses. Even though there are so many of them in one place. There is still room for kids to play outside.

The houses are also painted brown and white, and the numbers on the front are yellow to make them look even cuter. There is also a brown staircase leading up to the front door of these houses.

How do you think the daughter felt when her father gave away the money for her wedding?

The daughter of the billionaire was not upset at all. In fact, she agreed with what her father chose. On her wedding day, they opened a homeless shelter so people could live there.
They gave each family member a key to their new house on her big day.

Even though the couple didn’t have millions of dollars to spend, they still had a beautiful wedding.

Ajay Munot is one of India’s wealthiest people.

He is a business tycoon who made much money by reselling wheat and cloth. He is also very knowledgeable about money and investments. That means he knows what to do with his billions of dollars.

People aren’t sure if the facts are true, but he still taught us a lesson.

For someone who has billions of dollars to his name, there’s nothing wrong with spending that much on his daughter’s wedding. He could have easily used all of his money to pay for his daughter’s wedding.

But instead, he chose to improve 200 people’s lives on the day of his daughter’s wedding.


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