Geraldo Rivera has gone too far; Fox News should get rid of him as soon as possible.

Geraldo Rivera fills for Fox News Channel a role similar to what Megan McCain did for “The View” or what Chris Wallace probably hoped to do for CNN. He’s the network’s mascot, who disagrees with most hosts to make the network seem more balanced.

But that’s ridiculous because Fox News isn’t a balanced network. Geraldo is just a horse’s ass who makes the network look bad, and the other hosts are mad because everything he says is crazy.

This is what we saw when Geraldo posted on Twitter after the GOP said it would look into Hunter and Joe Biden:

“The Republicans take over the House, and the first thing they do is…

Don’t look into ways to stop inflation, crime, etc. They start a probe into the President and Hunter Biden. Boring. Divisive. Old and not wanted. Nothing good for the lives of Americans. “Is this really the Red Wave?

Absurd. So we’re supposed to watch as Joe and Hunter steal from America right before her eyes? We’re not supposed to care about what was on Hunter’s laptop, that he was selling influence abroad. Or that Slow Joe Biden might be in danger because of the people he was selling influence to?

Geraldo says we should just let everything go because holding the corrupt accountable would “split” us.

“We also found plans in the United States where the Biden family scammed investors out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, with Joe Biden’s help and knowledge.”

He also promised to look into what Hunter was doing and how involved Slow Joe was in it all.

“Hunter and other Biden family members have a pattern of using their connections to the highest levels of government to make money for themselves.

“The American people have a right to know if the President’s business dealings with his family hurt American interests and if they pose a threat to national security.”

“Our main goal is to get the bank records. We’re trying to keep our attention on the question: Was Joe Biden directly involved in Hunter Biden’s business deals, and is he tainted? That’s what we’re looking into.”

So Geraldo wants to stop that. He doesn’t want to know if Red China took advantage of the president or if he did anything wrong. He doesn’t want to look into it because he thinks it would “split” the group.

It’s about time that Fox News let him go.


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