Everyone loves a baby who is born with grey hair.

Most moms-to-be in the Western world can now see amazing 3D images of their babies while they are still growing in the womb, thanks to the progress of technology.

With these amazing scans, you no longer have to guess what your baby will look like and what sex it will be.

But doctors can’t tell you what colour your baby will be, how much hair they’ll have, or what colour their eyes will be.

When baby Bence was born in a hospital in Székesfehérvár, Hungary, he surprised both his parents and the doctors.

This sweet bundle of joy was born with grey hair and a full head of hair.

As his parents’ third child, they wondered what could be wrong with this real-life Benjamin Button while doctors ran a series of tests to find out.

But Baby Bence was healthy and weighed 12 pounds when he was born. As a chilled little bundle, he showed no signs of being in pain.

While his parents were thrilled to meet their happy, healthy baby, doctors were ruling out a number of possible causes, including albinism, a genetic disorder that causes the skin, hair, or eyes to have little or no colour.

Stress or worry caused by the mother while she was pregnant was another possible cause, but this was also ruled out.

“Doctors say that most of the time, white hair in babies is caused by their genes. “It is often caused by a lack of vitamin B12 or hair cells that have changed,” says

But no matter what caused Baby Bence’s unusual colouring, he has won the hearts of the internet and the hospital staff, who have given him the nickname “Prince Charming.”

Watch the video below to see more of this cute boy.

Please tell people if you also love this beautiful bundle. We hope he stays happy and healthy.


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