You are currently viewing “Cringeworthy Pics… Totally Inappropriate,” Photos of David Beckham With Daughter Harper Cause a Big Stir

“Cringeworthy Pics… Totally Inappropriate,” Photos of David Beckham With Daughter Harper Cause a Big Stir

On Saturday, David Beckham enjoyed a heartwarming moment with his daughter, Harper, as he took her to watch a soccer match in Florida, Miami. And while the sweet father and daughter duo looked adorable, many were quick to disagree with their body language.

The 49-year-old star, who co-owns the club, hoped his 12-year-old daughter, Harper, would bring him luck in the MLS match. Despite his hopes, Beckham’s team only managed a draw.

That said, David and Harper looked still in high spirits as they were photographed smiling and enjoying the day.

Beckham seemed upbeat for the majority of the match, exuding style in a navy blue suit complemented by a coordinating T-shirt.

Harper channeled her fashion designer mother, Victoria, by wearing a stylish pink T-shirt and jeans. She completed her look with a chic, small yellow handbag.

Demonstrating his pride as a father, he affectionately hugged Harper while they observed the action on the field, their shared laughter highlighting their close bond.

The 12-year-old also snuggled up to her famous dad, and looked as she was thoroughly enjoying the match.

So many fans online admired the strong connection between the dad and his daughter. One person remarked, ’’She seems nice, and he seems like a fantastic father,’’ while another noted, ’’I love how adored she is by her father. Must be nice being the youngest girl with 3 older brothers.’’

However, others disagreed with the way David was showing his affection. A user wrote, ’’Beckham needs to realize that his daughter is growing fast. He cannot hug her the same way he did when she was 5.’’ Someone else added, ’’Cringeworthy pictures…she looks about 18, it looks totally inappropriate.’’

We admire the strong bond between this father-daughter duo. Another celebrity who recently stepped out with his child is Richard Gere. The actor’s 24-year-old son made a rare public appearance, and people couldn’t help but gush over his appearance.

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