Chuck Norris quit his job to care for his sick wife, whom he will always call his “best friend.”

Norris said, “I think Kickstart is one of God’s plans for Gina and me.” “We work with kids who are already headed in the wrong direction and have two strikes against them. These are kids from the inner city who don’t like themselves. And our Kickstart program, which uses martial arts to teach young people how to be good people, is a way for us to give back.

As was already said, Chuck married Dianne Holechek, the girl he loved in high school, in 1958. They were married until 1988, and their sons Mike and Eric were born during that time.

In 1997, Chuck went on a date to a restaurant in Dallas. But he was interested in another woman. That woman was Gena O’Kelley, and soon after, they started dating. Chuck and Gina got married in 1998, and they still love each other very much. On their 20th anniversary, Chuck used Facebook to honour his wife, whom he calls his best friend.

“22 years ago, I met the love of my life. “And we’re celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary right now,” Norris said.

“Gena‚Ķ Thank you for being the best wife, mother, and friend a man could ask for. I love you, Gena, and I hope we’ll be together for many more years.”

Danielle and Dakota Norris are the children of Gena and Chuck Norris. But about ten years ago, their lives were turned on their heads.

He stopped making movies to take care of his sick wife.

Since then, Gena’s health has been getting worse. From what I’ve heard, she got an injection in 2013. Gena says that she noticed right away that something was off.

“Within a few hours of the first shot, my whole body felt on fire, as if acid had been poured through it. At first, the fire was controlled, but it spread quickly… I spent five months in bed with an IV and nursing care around the clock. Chuck fell asleep next to me on the couch and never got up. She said, “I prayed I would live to see my kids grow up.”

Since then, Gena has had nerve pain and trouble with her kidneys. They think that she was poisoned by a substance given to her repeatedly during MRI scans (MRI).

Gena and Chuck have taken 11 healthcare companies to court to get justice.

Since then, Gena has needed help, and her husband has always been there. In fact, he gave up everything else to spend all of his time with his wife. The couple says that just on treatments, they have spent about $2 million.

“I stopped making movies to focus on Gena. My whole life is about keeping her alive,” Chuck said. “I think this is a very important issue.”

Gena said, “It’s annoying and upsetting.” “No one knows about this horrible, ugly secret, and Chuck and I will change that.”

We hope Chuck Norris and Gena do well in everything they do in the future. We hope that she will soon be back to normal.

Chuck Norris is a great husband and father. Please share this story on Facebook with your friends and family to remember him.


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