Bullies made fun of their daughter but look at her now, 25 years later.

When she shut up everyone who was against her, When Lizzie Velasquez went to kindergarten, she noticed that she was different. Also, this was the first time she had been bullied. Lizzie Velasquez was born in 1989 and only weighed one pound.

She weighed only 2 pounds and had a face different from the other babies in the maternity ward. Doctors told her that she had Marfan Syndrome, a very rare disease that can be passed on and only affects a small number of people worldwide. Because of her condition, Lizzie can’t gain dialect weight because fat can’t build up in her body. This makes her age faster than people who don’t have the sickness, and one of her eyes will always be blind.


Lizzie was laughed at in kindergarten, and her face was called “disgusting” all through her childhood. “I was thinking about how everyone looked at me at the time. “I didn’t tell them apart or get to know them because they didn’t think like me,” she said. At age 16, Lizzie, on the other hand, had the least amount of bullying. She looked around on the internet daily until she found a great video on YouTube. Someone who didn’t like her made a tape about her and put it online. The person who made the video, which quickly got billions of views, called her “the ugliest woman in the world” because of her big bust and horrible little talk.

Lizzie said that everything around her fell apart when she watched the video. She looked at all the dislikes, but there was nothing unmarrying well-communicating about her. It’s crazy to think that thousands of people can sit behind their computers and work according to effective intimidators about a 16-year-old girl with a disease that will kill her.

How do these people fall asleep every night? She is stronger than those who don’t like her. The vast majority of people would need help understanding this place. Most people say that Lizzie, on the other hand, is not. She showed all her critics how strong she was. Lizzie is now 28 years old and has a successful business.

She talks to people all over the world about her illness and her life. She has over 700,000 people following her YouTube watercourse, and she has used her campaign to stop violent bullying. “That is what I want. For the rest of my life, that’s all I have.

Lizzie said, “I want to be sure that I’m not just changing my story, but that I’m changing everyone’s story, too.” Even though haters and trolls wrote bad things about Lizzie, they couldn’t bring her down.

Lizzie has shown them that she is much stronger and more unique than they are and that they will never be as good as she is. Lizzie has written a popular book about her life, has a degree from college, and has a great family and job.


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