Brad Paisley Has Been Married to Kimberly Williams for 19 Years — Their Love Story

Brad Paisley has been married to Kimberly Williams-Paisley for 19 years and counting, even though it took over five years for him to talk to her after he noticed her in “Father of the Bride.”

Once they met up for their first date, they both knew they were meant to be. Brad Paisley proposed to her six months later, and they were married within two years of their meeting.

Over the years and two children later, their love has continued to wane stronger. Here’s an inside look into their love story.


Brad and Kimberly met years after she starred in “Father of the Bride.” She believed Brad stalked her after watching her in the movie.

Brad, 19, went to see the movie with his ex-girlfriend when he realized that he was more interested in the actress than the girl sitting next to him.

That relationship didn’t work out as his ex-girlfriend had left him for his best friend. Alone, he went to see “Father of the Bride II,” and seeing Kimberly again onscreen instantly cheered him up. He said,

“I thought, She seems like a great girl — smart and funny and all those things that are so hard to find.”

Kimberly said Brad woke up one day and decided to call her five years later. However, he swore that it had never happened to him before.

When he called her, he wasn’t sure if she was married, divorced, or just out of rehab, but Brad knew he wanted her to be in the video of his song about going to “Father of the Bride.”

They started talking every day, and when Brad told Kimberly that he would be in Los Angeles, she asked him out to dinner because she was getting impatient.

He let her know that he was very interested from their first date. Brad and Kimberly believed that something important had happened after dinner. He said,

“We just felt like all the events of our lives had come together for us to meet right when we did.”

They both had different views on their respective fields when they started dating. Kimberly didn’t know anything about country music, while Brad questioned people’s values in Hollywood.


In no time, they fell in love, and six months later, Brad proposed at the Venice Beach pier in front of the public toilets. When she told her parents about her engagement, she used the same lines from the movie “Father of the Bride.”

Nine months after the proposal, they were married and had two pastors who co-officiated the ceremony in the chapel of Pepperdine University, California, because they attended different churches.

They chose California because Kimberly was on the “According to Jim” set, and all her friends were out there. On the day they got married, they tricked 50 of their family and friends.

They had told them it was a rehearsal dinner when it was the actual wedding, and it happened so fast that guests never had the chance to react before the ceremony was over.

Also, Brad was under some pressure as he wasn’t a fan of weddings, and secondly, his wife had starred in one of the biggest wedding films. However, they pulled it off, and for Brad, it was the perfect blend of two separate lives together.


For their 18th anniversary, Kimberly took to Instagram to post a picture of her and Brad as she thanked him for their love adventure. On the other hand, Brad put up a picture of Kimberly crying.

He showed that humor hadn’t left them in his caption as he hoped she was crying tears of joy. The couple still loves to dress up and use their Instagram to show off their funny sides after all these years.

Their healthy senses of humor have helped them weather the years with two children. They have similar outlooks and know that pretension has no place in their marriage.

They have also learned to appreciate each other, and when asked what they love about one another, the answers came pretty easily to them.

Brad loves that Kimberly can keep their house afloat as she gave birth to two kids and is raising him as a third. He also commented that she tries to do the right thing all the time.

Kimberly loves Brad’s gigantic heart because he cares about all creatures, great and small. She finds it so sweet how much he cares. During the quarantine, they were able to spend more time together.

They played family games and worked on their new non-profit, “The Store.” They also filled the time by learning new skills as Kimberly learned to bake bread, and Brad learned to color Kimberly’s hair.


On February 22, 2007, the couple welcomed their first son, William Huckleberry, named after Huckleberry Finn. They chose Huckleberry Finn because they hope he embodies a spirit of adventure.

On April 17, 2009, Brad and Kimberly welcomed their second son, 12 days late. He was named Jasper Warren after Brad’s grandfather. His grandfather had encouraged him to pursue his music career and gave him his first guitar.


Nowadays, the couple is also busy giving back to their community by opening their grocery store, “The Store.” Their mission is to build a community that empowers and dignifies individuals and families seeking self-sufficiency by providing choices for healthy food.

“Unity Shoppe” inspired Brad and Kimberly in Santa Barbara after taking their boys there to teach them about serving others and giving back to people in need.

The inspiration led them to expand on “Unity Shoppe’s” model in Nashville. Their model has a unique spin on a free grocery store that offers customers healthy food shopping experiences.

They operate as a year-round free grocery store that allows people to shop for their basic needs. The customers may shop for food to supplement their income in crisis and work toward self-sufficiency.

Together, they aim to solve hunger issues in their community by developing programs to meet needs and partner with other organizations on food security issues.


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