After “working out their disagreements,” Sylvester Stallone and his wife Jennifer Flavin decide not to divorce.

The divorce between Jennifer Flavin and Sylvester Stallone has been finalized.

Unexpectedly, the couple decided to end their divorce. The change took place less than a month after the Flavins’ divorce petition was filed.


They are totally reconnected, a source claims. The spokesman for Stallone added that they decided to get together again at home, where they talked and resolved their issues. They are both ecstatic.

Despite the frequent celebrity divorces, we seldom hear of couples deciding not to divorce! On August 19, Jennifer submitted a divorce petition. She claimed in court documents that Sylvester engaged in the deliberate waste, depletion, and/or squandering of marital property, which had a negative financial impact on the marital estate. Sylvester denied the charges.

Though the choice to get back together is undoubtedly good news, no one really anticipated it. A source close to the couple said that their long-term problems and extreme differences in age and personality ultimately caused their breakup. Sylvester is 76 years old, and Jennifer is 54.


After 25 years of marriage, Jennifer stated immediately after filing that she regretted telling everyone that she had divorced Sylvester Stallone. She will always be grateful for their 30-year partnership and understand that they are equally committed to their lovely girls, even though they are no longer married. She politely requests their family’s privacy as they quietly go forward.


The couple is obviously taking their time with this next phase of their relationship. Sylvester recently uploaded a family photo and a flashback image of him and his wife holding hands. He captioned the photo, “Wonderful.”


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