After 44 years of marriage, they broke up. Her ex-boyfriend will never forgive himself after this makeover.

It’s hard to make a change. Because we get used to how we do things, we often don’t want to change until we have to.

Many of us do everything we can to keep things the same. We try to have as much certainty as possible in our lives.

But that is a waste of time. No matter how sure we are about something, we can’t know everything that could happen. Life is always ready to throw us a curve ball.

Vicki couldn’t remember what it was like to be single after 44 years of marriage. So when she and her husband got a divorce, she didn’t know what to do.

Vicki was lucky that she was told to get a makeover so she could feel like a new woman after life threw her a curve ball. She was told to get in touch with Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

She set an appointment as soon as possible and got everything ready for her makeover.

After 44 years of marriage to an old stodge, she was ready to feel like a new person.

Vicki told the camera about her life before she got her makeover. Since she was 18, she had never been alone. And she was ready to go out and meet someone new. But she wasn’t happy about it.

She was worried and didn’t know how to deal with the change. The Makeover Guy could tell, so he wanted to give Vicki confidence so she could start the next part of her life.

Christopher Hopkins is known for making his clients’ hair look great. But when it came to changing how Vicki looked, he wanted to go all out. After 44 years of marriage, she was getting a divorce, which was terrible, and he wanted to cheer her up.

He cut off a lot of her hair, changed the color, and then worked on her makeup. He also rounded out her very sharp eyebrows. This helped her look more friendly.

Vicki went from being a sad divorcee to a single woman ready to take life by the horns when The Makeover Guy was done. By the end of the makeover, she was a whole new person. And she was really hoping that would happen.

She wanted to start a new part of her life. And get over her boring ex-husband, who had left her after being married for 40 years.

Vicki’s makeover video will give you hope if you’ve ever had to deal with a big change in your life. Watch as The Makeover Guy completely changes her look and gives her new life after she has spent so many years doing the same thing every day.

When Vicki’s ex-husband sees her after her makeover, he must admit that he made a mistake when he divorced her.


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