A young girl of five years old makes it a point to communicate with her parents in sign language at the school concert.

Educating one’s children to acknowledge and uphold the genuine values that contribute to maintaining a positive environment in the world is a significant component of being a good parent.

Because of this, most parents have an overwhelming sense of pride whenever they witness their child making a positive impact on another person’s life. That’s for sure, and it’s not hard to understand why Claire’s parents felt that way.

Even though both of Claire’s parents are deaf, this has not prevented her or her younger sister from being able to communicate with them. Since she was a young child, Claire has been fluent in American sign language, which has provided a conduit for Claire’s parents to communicate with one another.


This year, Claire’s school was getting ready for its annual Christmas presentation, which included having each student perform a song in front of audience members.

However, this is where the trouble lies. Because both of Claire’s parents have hearing loss, she was well aware that it would be unfortunate for them to be unable to enjoy the Christmas presentation to its fullest extent. Therefore, after giving it some thought, she concluded that what was being done should be translated into sign language.

In addition to singing with her hands, Claire also sang with her hands. Both surprised and delighted her parents, giving them a moment they would remember for the rest of their lives.

For someone as young as Claire to do something so kind for Christmas, it’s definitely something unique, especially coming from someone else!

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