A woman went to the hospital for three days because her Chihuahua pooped in her mouth while sleeping.

Amanda Gommo took a picture of herself with dog poop on her face before she threw up.
A woman was in the hospital for three days after her daughter’s dog pooped on her face while sleeping.

Amanda Gommo and her Chihuahua, Belle, were taking an afternoon nap when Belle got sick and had violent diarrhoea.

When the mess happened, the mother of three had her mouth open and was top and tailing with Belle. She got some of the mess in her mouth.

The 51-year-old ran to the bathroom to throw up but ended up in the hospital with an infection that Belle had given him.

Gommo said she was sleeping with the dog “like I always do” when she “suddenly felt something squirt in my mouth.”

“I ran to the bathroom, but my son was already in the shower, so I took a quick picture before I washed it out!

“It was so disgusting that I threw up for hours because I couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth.”

Belle got a nasty stomach bug, so Gommo’s daughter took her to the vet. The vet said Belle had a bad stomach bug and gave her antibiotics there.

But later that day, Gommo started to feel like Belle did, so she called 111 and asked for an ambulance to come to her house.

The paramedics gave her painkillers for her stomach cramps and told her to drink a lot of water to flush out any possible infection.

After their visit, Gommo’s symptoms worsened until she had cramps all over her body 48 hours later.

Then, Gommo’s mother called 999, which sent out another ambulance. She was taken to Bristol Royal Infirmary this time and put on a drip immediately.

She was later told that Belle’s poop got into her mouth and gave her an infection in her intestines.

She was watched for three days while they gave her electrolytes and glucose to make up for what she had lost during the terrible ordeal.

Gommo, who also has chromes disease, said, “I couldn’t eat anything from when I got sick until I was put on the drip.

“The cramps got worse and worse until I could feel them all over my body, including in my legs.”

Gommo with the chihuahua. Photo credit: Twitter / Daily Mail

Gommo said that by the time the second ambulance came, she had lost so much water because she had been sick and had diarrhoea that her kidneys had shrunk to half their size.

She said that her hospital discharge note said she had a gastrointestinal infection “caused by a dog defecating in my mouth,” which was something doctors had never seen before.

“Since it happened, I’ve been drinking two Lucozades a day, a lot of tea, and a lot of water, and I’m happy to say that both I and Belle are getting better.

“I’ve forgiven Belle for her little accident, and I still love her very much, but I’ll be more careful about how we sleep now!”



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