A woman saves a baby elephant, and the elephant follows her around.

Too many times, people take animals out of their natural habitats and use them for money. This means that more and more animals are in danger of going extinct.

It can be sad when you think about all the people who think the world’s wildlife belongs to them and is free for the taking.

But thank goodness some people are willing to turn their lives upside down in more than one way to save our beautiful wildlife.

Roxy Danckwerst is a hero for animals. For the last 20 years, she has cared for sick and lost animals. Moyo, a baby elephant, is her newest pet. He has moved into the rescue centre where Roxy lives and has taken over.

Moyo, whose name means “of the heart,” was left alone on the shores of Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe. Park rangers found her. She was only a few days old when she and her elephant family tried to cross a flooded river but were washed away.

He was taken to Roxy’s rescue centre, Wild is Life, in Harare. He has gotten used to his new home and now follows Roxy wherever she goes. Not the best place for Moyo to live since he weighs 123 pounds.

Every night, she slept by his side.
Roxy has cared for and rehabilitated many baby elephants before sending them back into the wild. However, Go Animals says Roxy will take a little longer because he is scared of everything and sick.

Roxy, an animal rescuer, even slept with him every night until he trusted her. Now, they are inseparable, and he follows her everywhere. He even sleeps on the couch next to her.

In the clip below from the BBC show “Nature’s Miracle Orphans,” you can see how cute these two are together and how much Moyo loves silver.

When Moyo is ready to go back into the wild, these two will be very sad, but Roxy knows it’s for the best.

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