A raccoon and an orphaned deer become the best of friends.

Carrie Long is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator who heard about a baby raccoon that needed help last year. The mother raccoon had left the 3-week-old baby alone, and the animal was found holding on for dear life during a storm. Even though Carrie is used to taking in orphaned deer, she decides to take in the baby.

She runs a charitable group called Texas Fawn and Friends. The baby raccoon was named Jasper by Carrie. At first, she wasn’t sure if the creature would live or die, but Carrie’s care and kindness helped the baby to stay alive. Even though Jasper is fully grown and old enough to live on his own, this raccoon has had a hard time leaving Carrie’s home for orphaned deer.

Currently, Jasper lives with 75 orphaned deer who are cared for by Texas Fawn and Friends. One special deer named Hope has won over Jasper’s heart, and the raccoon is very fond of her. When she was young, Hope also lost her mother. Now, Jasper makes sure Hope never feels alone. The raccoon likes Hope, and he runs over to her whenever he sees her.

The video of them together will make you feel good. From what I can see, they are having a good time together. “Every day, he sees her. At night, she comes over and sleeps next to him. “They have a great friendship going on,” said Carrie.

This person loves what she does for a living and expects to take care of more than 100 orphaned fawns this year.

At Texas Fawn and Friends, these poor animals will be safe and given a second chance at life.

Carrie and her team work hard to ensure the abandoned fawns stay alive. Let’s all take a minute to thank them for all their hard work and kindness. We also hope Hope and Jasper’s friendship will last as long as they do.


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