A pink dolphin that is very rare gives birth to a cute pink baby calf.

What could be cuter than a baby dolphin that is pink and fuzzy? To be exact, a bright pink dolphin and her cute little baby. “Pinky”, the dolphin, who lives in Louisiana’s Calcasieu Lake, has a unique look. She was recently seen swimming with her cute baby, who looks just like her.

The first person to see the unique bottlenose dolphin was boat captain Erik Rue in 2007. He saw her swimming with her grey mother. He was even able to take pictures of her. Pinky is now a well-known person in the area. A must-see for anyone who takes a boat on the Calcasieu River.

Captain Rue said, “I feel very lucky to have seen this wonderful animal and to work and live in an area where such a wonderful species is common.” “The animal is all pink, from head to tail, and has eyes the colour of rubies. “The skin looks smooth, pink, and free of flaws.”


The dolphin’s unique colour comes from a condition called albinism. This means that her body doesn’t make enough of the pigment melanin. Because of this, Pinky’s skin is bright pink, and her eyes are more red than grey. Even though Pinky has a rare condition, she seems to be in good health, and everyone is happy when a baby is born.

Greg Barsh, a scientist at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, said, “We still see her swimming almost every day in the summer.” “We’ve seen her a lot in the past few weeks. She looks like she is healthy and happy.”

Pinky was recently found swimming with another pink dolphin. It turned out that the other dolphin was her young calf. A woman named Bridget Boudreaux just saw the two beautiful dolphins again. The woman told KATC about her hypnotic experience, saying, “It was so amazing to see.” “I was surprised. My first thought was that it was amazing. When it first came out of the water, I said, “Wait a minute! By the way, that was a pink dolphin! “”Stop the boat!””

People who watch KATC said that “Brain” would be the best name for the baby calf because “Pinky” and her baby look more like Disney characters than real people. The dolphin and her mother would look like Pinky and the Brain, a popular cartoon duo.


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