A man who lost his grandson gives $20 to a young boy he sees at Target.


A mother wasn’t surprised when her toddler son yelled “Hi” in Target. She knew her child was friendly and that he liked to say “Hello” and “Bye” to people. But what happened after that made her cry.

A child’s childhood is a special time in every parent’s life. Nothing is more precious than being there for your child’s first smiles, cries, and giggles.

Children can teach adults a lot that can change their lives. Most importantly, these little people teach us to be ourselves without feeling bad about it. The story we’re telling today is about an exchange between a young boy and an older man that can’t be put into words.

Owen, the young son of Colby and Alyssa Hacker, was the most important thing in their lives. The Hackers loved their little boy with all their hearts and were glad they could see his cuteness every day.

Parents love to record their kids’ cutest moments so they can watch them later and remember how cute they are. Owen’s mother did the same thing when she saw how important her son’s conversation with a stranger was to him.

In September 2017, the mom and son were at Target in Fort Smith, Arkansas, on their way to Wister, Oklahoma, to see Alyssa’s mother-in-law. What was supposed to be a simple weekend trip turned out to be much more important.

Alyssa was at Target waiting for “Grammi” when her son picked up three dinosaurs and put them in his cart. Owen was a child, so he didn’t know which dinosaur he wanted, so he picked all three.

The Oklahoman woman was not surprised when her son shouted “Hi” because she knew how friendly he was. Alyssa said that her 18-month-old son loved to talk to people he didn’t know.

Alyssa was surprised when an older man walked by them in the toy section. He came over and said, “Hey, sweet boy,” and then he and Owen played with dinosaurs. Alyssa wrote about the event on Facebook with the caption:

“The man took out his wallet and took out $20. He gave it to Owen and said, “I just lost my 2-year-old grandson last week. Take this money and buy this boy all three dinosaurs.'”

The young mother said she was afraid when the man came up to her child, but she ended up “crying in the middle of Target” after seeing the touching moment. Surprisingly, she wasn’t the only one who cried.

The kind older man wiped away his tears, patted Owen on the back, and left. The sad man missed his grandson, but Owen gave him a reason to smile during their short time together. Alyssa bought the three dinosaurs with the $20 she had. She thought back:

“I never thought a stuffed animal from Target could have as much meaning as these three dinosaurs. We will always remember these things!”

When Owen thanked the kind old man, she said, he turned around and said, “boomer sooner.” People worldwide were moved by her viral Facebook post, which got 784,000 likes, 33,000 comments, and 318,000 shares.

Owen’s mom was shocked by how many people replied to the post. She said Owen was a “blessing,” and she was happy to show the world how bright he was. Alyssa has also said:

“I did pray that night that God would give me the ability to explain to Owen what he did for that man and what that man did for us, as well as what he did for that man.”

In fact, Alyssa and the older man would always remember how nice it was to meet at the store. We’re sure that when Owen is older, his mother will tell him about the touching story, which will make his day.

Owen’s sweet conversation with the older man opened the eyes of his parents and many other people. Like Alyssa Hacker, a man named Justice Smith was moved by his little boy’s kind heart and wrote about it on social media.

Smith told how his 5-year-old son, Justus Mateo, helped a homeless man and set off a chain of events. Mateo gave the homeless man 30 cents and showed his dad that giving out of love and kindness is always appreciated.

As adults, we often forget how important even the simplest things we do are. But thanks to smart kids like Owen and Mateo, it’s never too late to find meaning in the everyday things that happen to us. Please tell your family and friends about these stories.


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