A man builds his dream house, which angers his neighbours when he paints it. Pepto-Bismol pink

Everyone who owns a home worries that they will end up with bad neighbours.

But what if your neighbour changes their house so much after you move in that it’s hard to look at?

One man in a suburb of Austin, Texas, is getting a lot of flak for painting his house a bright Pepto-Bismol pink. This is making some people upset.

Most neighbourhoods in the U.S. have a Homeowners Association, or HOA, which helps keep the houses looking the same and helps pay for things that make life easier for those living there.

But Pflugerville, Texas resident Emilio Rodriguez bought his home because it doesn’t have an HOA.

This meant he could paint everything pink, which was his dream. A choice that is making some of his neighbours unhappy.

“I really like this home. Emilio told CBS17, “I don’t know why people don’t like it.

Emilio’s house was beige when he bought it, but now his favourite colour is Pepto-Bismol pink, and he wants to paint more of it that colour.

Pink keeps him happy.
His neighbours don’t like the pink house and worry that it will lower the prices of other homes in the area.

But Emilio, who uses a wheelchair because of a car accident and other health problems, says that the colour of his house makes him happy.

He also says the colour helps keep the “Keep Austin Weird” vibe going.

What do you think of Emilio’s house’s colour?

You should learn to love your neighbour and use this house to help your friends, delivery people, etc., find your house. We used to live next door to a woman whose house was this colour. We loved her and thought she was one of the best neighbours we had ever had. You’ll get used to it over time.

Please tell your friends and family about this story and ask them what they think about this house.


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