A Labrador dog befriends an orphaned elephant and teaches him to play fetch.

The cutest animal friendship we’ve seen in a while was between an African Elephant named Bubbles and a black Labrador named Bella. Their relationship is unique.

Bella and Bubbles, two dogs who live at Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina, are best friends and are often seen playing fetch in the water.

Bubbles is one of the few elephants who survived a mass killing in Africa. Ivory poachers killed bubbles’ parents during the 20-year mass killing. Due to a lack of space, the rest of the animals were either killed or set free.

Source: Myrtle Beach Safari | Photographs by: Barry Bland

Bubbles was about 42 inches tall and 340 pounds when she first arrived. But as time passed, she grew taller and gained weight.

She is now 9 feet tall and weighs a total of 4 tonnes. Isn’t it amazing?

Bella is an abandoned dog left at the park in 2007 by the builder hired to build Bubbles’ swimming pool. The pool, now a river, gave the two animals a chance to become good friends. They got lucky!

At the Martyle Beach Safari, Bella and Bubbles can sometimes be seen playing in the water together. Over the years, Bubbles grew a lot, and so did her love of swimming.

Everyone is amazed by how well the two creatures get along. Bubbles love to tease and throw a tennis ball into the water for Bella to jump and get.

Back in 1981, some people who stole ivory for jewelry killed Bubbles’ family. Even now, thousands of elephants are still being killed in cruel ways for the same reason.

The two animals were lucky that they found each other and became best friends.


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