A Doting Polar Bear Mother Enjoys Some Quality Time With Her Cub in the Snow for the Very First Time.

When a long-awaited wonder, a polar bear, finally made its way to Novosibirsk, one of the city’s major zoos, it transformed into a delightful place. Polar bears, the most powerful predators on the planet, only give birth to their young once every two to three years and much less frequently in their natural environment.

On December 7, 2015, Kay and Gerda, two white bear parents overjoyed to become parents again, gave birth to their second cub. The cute bear had no hair and was helpless when it was born. The young animal stays in the den with its mother for the first few months of its life until it is strong enough to venture out on its own. Because it is difficult to determine the gender of the cub at this early stage, it is too soon to give a name to this wild animal.

January was when this baby snow bear first opened its eyes and perked up its ears. This adorable little creature has a voracious appetite and is gradually packing on the pounds. Because of the staff’s concerns regarding the man’s unusual behaviour, the father is not allowed to see either the child or the mother. Consequently, Kay will spend the next year alone in a different enclosure. When the cute bear cub and its mother are a bit older, they are permitted to venture outside the den for the first time.


The young creature is delighted to experience snow for the first time. It engages in the cautious exploration of the world while simultaneously having a good time with its mother. You may be able to see pictures of the adorable animal for the time being. Still, residents of Novosibirsk and tourists who come to the city will be able to see this magnificent creature around the middle of March.

It is predicted that the young bear will be more active and visible throughout March, at which point its gender will be known for certain. After that, the winner of the competition to determine the best name for the polar bear cub will be announced. On December 7, 2015, bear parents Kay and Gerda were overjoyed to learn that they would have a second child. Gerda ended up being a caring and responsible mother, much to the relief of the staff at the Novosibirsk Zoo, who were apprehensive that the young mother might not accept the cub.

When it is first exposed to the fresh air, the cub carefully observes its surroundings while simultaneously taking great pleasure in playing with its mother. Approximately in the middle of March, residents of Novosibirsk and visitors to the city will have the opportunity to see this magnificent creature. Take a look at how the youngster is performing.


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