A man finds a dog on an island that is dying of hunger and decides to save its life.

Wesley White, a photographer, had to go to Belize for work, so he went there. So, he was excited to learn about and take pictures of this beautiful island. Even though he didn’t have much free time, he was looking forward to going on a nice trip.

On the first day of the trip, he paddled to a small island close by in Thatch Caye. When he first got to the island, he saw a hungry dog enter a fishing house. Even though the dog was skinny and didn’t have much meat on him, he was still nice. Wesley told The Dodo, “I saw the tip of his tail moving out of the corner of my eye.”

Wesley called out for people to come fishing with him, but no one came. He didn’t think the dog would last even another day, so he acted quickly to save it before it was too late. After putting the dog in the kayak, he paddled back to where he was staying at the motel. If he didn’t do anything to help the dog, it would surely die of hunger if he didn’t.

When he got to the hotel, he called for help right away. The neighborhood worked together to help, feed, and take the dog to the vet. Wesley only had 36 hours left in Belize, so he could only spend a short amount of time with the dog before he had to go.

The vet kept in touch with Wesley and told him that the dog was getting better and was now ready to go to a foster home. After being in the foster home for two months, the dog would have been prepared to go with Wesley to Dallas.

The dog’s old name is now Winston, and he is doing well with Wesley and his friends in his new home. When you watch the heartwarming movie, you’ll see how Wesley and the hungry dog met by chance and how, after a long journey, they found each other again.


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