A couple takes in three young brothers so they can grow up together.

When you make an adoption official, you promise to care for the child as if they were your own. Because they are right now. Your relationship with that child should always be very special, and nothing should get in the way. But once in a while, a couple makes the big choice to adopt more than one child. Which is an even bigger commitment.

In 2018, KC and Lena Currie of Sudbury, Massachusetts, took in a little boy named Joey, who was only 2 years old. And the couple was happy to have him around. The agency Children’s Friend showed KC and Lena a picture of the young boy and told them they would be a good match for him. In March 2018, they gave him their legal name. They didn’t know at the time that they weren’t even close to being done.

Facebook/Lena Currie

A worker from the Children’s Friend agency called the couple again after adopting Joey. This person told them that Joey had a 6-week-old brother named Noah, who also needed a family to care for him. The couple said they would love to have that little boy join their family without hesitation. But there was another brother whose name was Logan. When he was a year old, the foster family who had planned to adopt him had to change their plans.

Currie Family

It seemed like none of the brothers was ever meant to be alone. So, KC and Lena had no choice but to take in Logan. Just a month after adopting their first child, they took him in.

KC says, “It was what we felt in our gut. We would say yes in the end because we cared about keeping the brothers together. When they are older and have questions, they can lean on each other and go through that ride together.”

The Currys just have a feeling that it was meant to be. Children’s Friend’s director of Adoption and Family Services, Veronica Listerud, is thrilled with how this case turned out.

Currie Family

“It’s what you want to happen,” says Veronica. They have a great family. They are flexible and really understand what the kids need, how important it is to keep siblings close, and what the long-term effects will be.”

Let’s face it. Most people would find it hard to raise three kids under the age of 4 simultaneously. But they feel lucky to be able to do it. And they knew it was the right thing to do to keep all the brothers together.


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