A Clever Publicity Scheme Involving a Submarine Crashes Its Way Through the Streets of Milan

An incompetent crew of a high-tech military submarine managed to smash it through the underbelly of Milan’s streets, emerging close to the Duomo in the process. At the very least, that is the elaborate tableau that the insurance company Europ Assistance Italia staged as part of a cunning and over-the-top marketing campaign.

At the beginning of the event, which was planned and produced by the Milanese design studio M&C Saatchi, it seemed the local authorities had “taken control” of the situation by erecting barricades around the accident site, evacuating the bewildered sailors. During this time, a large throng gathered around the submarine to take pictures of the peculiar and fascinating sight. Onlookers could refer to the submarine by using the hashtag #L1F3, displayed on the vessel’s side. Before long, Twitter was flooded with #L1F3 messages commenting about the peculiar submarine in Milan. The ordeal was an elaborate publicity stunt to promote Europ Assistance Italia’s newest LifePark Protection retail location.

Source: urdesign

Source: Jolanda Restano
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source: urdesign.com
Source: Jolanda Restano
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Source: urdesign.com

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