A 7-year-old swims for an hour to rescue her sister and father, trapped in a river.

When swimming for an hour to rescue his family after they become stuck in a river, a seven-year-old kid is hailed as a hero.

According to unbelievable reports, Chase Poust went out on Friday, May 28, at the start of Memorial Day weekend, with his father, Steven, and sister, Abigail, age 4.

The trio had anchored their boat in Jacksonville, Florida’s St. Johns River, close to Mandarin Point. Steven was supposed to go fishing while his two kids played in the water nearby.

Although Steven had underestimated the strength of the current, it didn’t take long for seven-year-old Chase to see that Abigail, wearing a life jacket, had been swept away from the boat.

“My sister, who typically hangs out at the back of the boat, let go because the current was so strong. I released my hold on the boat to grab her, but as soon as I did, I became stuck, claiming Chase in an exclusive interview with the news outlet WJXT.

Despite not having a life jacket on, Chase lets go of the boat to save his sister. Steven also dove into the water to try and save his daughter, but she kept slipping away.

According to Steven, “I told them I loved him because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen,” he told News4Jax. I made an effort to stay with both of them. I exhausted myself. She veered off of me.

Despite being afraid, Chase was able to swim to shore. He alternated between doggie paddling and floating on his back to avoid getting too tired to maintain his head above water.

The small youngster struggled against the tide for an hour before reaching dry land. He then ran for assistance.

Steven said: “I waved my arms and yelled for help at the top of my lungs, and sure enough, someone heard us. Little Man also made it to the shore and received assistance, which gave us life.

After drifting a mile from their boat, Steven and Abigail were rescued an hour later by the Sheriff’s Office and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

At a press conference, Eric Prosswimmer, a spokesperson for the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department, said: “We had every resource we possibly could come swiftly, and we’re happy to say all three have been recovered, and all three are doing well. We couldn’t have wished for a better result.

What a narrow escape! It’s a miracle that tiny Chase could swim and seek the treatment he so sorely needed.

Always use the utmost caution when out on the water with kids and parents. As shown below, things may and frequently do change in the span of a moment.

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