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Learn about the world’s most beautiful horse species. They were called “horses of paradise” in China.

We’re sure you’ll agree that horses are some of the most beautiful animals in the world. There are many types of horses, both domesticated and wild. We can’t believe how beautiful they are. People who like horses agree that you fall in love with them “at first sight” and “for the rest of your life.” We all agree that horses are beautiful, no matter what breed or color we choose for our farm.

Image credits: Burak CALISKAN

Many people think the Akhal Teke breed is the most beautiful horse in the world. This type of horse comes from the Asian country of Turkmenistan. They are very smart, strong, and Faster. They also have a gleaming and unusual coat color that reminds people of “metallic luster.”


This unusual coat color reflects light like a metal, but it’s not because of a special grooming product. Their hair is hollow and shaped like a prism, so light can pass through it. This unusual and special luxury has been given to them by nature.

Image credits: Unknown

Only 6,000 of these divine horses live in the world. The Chinese called them “horses of paradise” because they look beautiful.

Image credits: Pascal Mouawad

The Akhal Teke horse breed can have many different colors, but lighter colors better show off their coats’ shine.
They are good for equestrian sports because they are tough and athletic and often used in places where their strength and quality stand out.

Image credits: Palana


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