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A sperm whale asks a diver for help to get a fish hook out of its mouth.

There are times in nature when you can see very sad things. Most of them have been caused by people. This story is so sad.

Have you ever seen a wild animal ask a person for help? If not, look at this huge sperm whale that asked a diver for help.

Sperm whales are brilliant, and their brains are the largest of any animal that has ever lived. They are big, peaceful animals that only eat squid they catch when diving. People think they were smart because they could ask for help.


This amazing thing happened to the famous Maurician environmentalist and underwater photographer Hugues Vitry. Vitry is also the manager of the Diving Center and the vice president of the Marine Megafauna Conservation Organization.

He has also helped a whale that got caught in some ropes. Vitry’s mission is to help and protect marine life. He thinks that one person can do a lot to change things. The whale comes up to him and moves its huge body to the side before opening its jaw, which tells the diver that she needs help.

As the whale swims next to Vitry, he points his camera at her and talks about what he sees. Even though the translation isn’t clear, we can figure out that he saw blood and that the hook was on the whale near the tooth.


As he took the hook out of the whale’s mouth, the giant whale didn’t seem to care. That wasn’t the end! Vitry was also surprised when the whale didn’t move for a while after he tried to make it feel better by telling it the ordeal was over.

The whale seemed to thank him in return. When he hugged the whale, it was like saying, “It’s all over.” After that, the sperm whale stood up for a while and did things that could be seen as thanks.


Vitry even hugged the whale and put his head against hers while whispering words of comfort.


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