Tom Hardy carried his rescue dog to a red carpet event to get people interested in adopting animals.


Some people go everywhere with their beloved dogs. But it wasn’t widespread to see a puppy on the red carpet. Thanks to actor Tom Hardy, that’s now changed. At the premiere of his movie “Legend,” the Hollywood star surprised everyone by showing up with his dog Woody.

Woodstock, also called Woody, is a cute Labrador mix who is used to being in public. He was also in a PETA ad with his human father.


Tom Hardy takes his favourite furry friend everywhere with him. By doing this, he hopes to get more people to adopt pets. Hardy and Woody have been best friends ever since they met, and the amount of time they spend together shows how strong their bond is.

Credit – Facebook

While making “Lawless,” the well-known actor found Woody. He saw the yellow lab walking around Atlanta, so he adopted him and brought him back to his home in London. Woody isn’t the only dog Hardy took in, though.

Credit – PETA

“I get a dog everywhere I go,” the actor responded by telling Vulture. “You can’t bring another dog home with you from a job.” I’ll always find one, though. Every time we go on a job, I’ll either find someone’s dog and take care of it, bring my own dog, or find a dog and find a good home for it.

Tom Hardy has always liked animals, especially dogs. He loved dogs so much that he took his first dog, Max, to school with him.

‘The Drop’ Premiere

Tom Hardy’s old drama teacher said, “I remember that you walked into class with your loving dog in one hand and a coke can in the other hand,”.  “Max was my pillar of strength. It was like I had a focus; I had a sense of who I was and a higher sense of self-worth because someone always needed me and loved me.”




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